The story of Rune Grove – characters


The guardian of Rune Grove where she tends to the rune stones that grow there and helps the inhabitants of the different magical worlds to identify what’s important to them. Quick to anger if something frustrates her.


Serious, melancholic, quick-tempered, snappy


One of the species that live in Rune Grove. Turts are always ready to encourage others when necessary. They are strong enough to carry the rune stones that grow in Rune Grove and to build the magical portals that can be found there.


Jolly, happy, deep-voiced


Another species that lives in Rune Grove. Mousies are in charge of designing Rune Grove, for example the locations for the magical portals as well as the rune stones. One of the mousies acts as the caretaker of the Magic arena that can be found above Rune Grove, where they design and build different magical trials.


Cheery, friendly


A mysterious species that can be found all across the magical worlds. No one really knows where they came from originally, but every inhabitant knows that the hints given by Ghosts help with all sorts of things, from magical trials to everyday problems.


Serious, encouraging, mysterious


Hedgies live in Shroomwood where they tend to the mushrooms that grow there and to pass the time they dig around, making inter-connected tunnels underground all across the woods. Afterwards they play tag, running around the woods and using the tunnels. The game of tag is quickly ended, however, as this easily-spooked species can get too scared very quickly.


Frightful, quick-worded


The guardian of Shroomwood who also guards the nearby Pocket dimension. Malina’s calm and understanding nature helps the Hedgies to calm down when they get too scared of something in the Shroomwood. This great magical power harnessing creature is that one who originally created the magical pathways between the portals that connect all the different magical worlds.


Wise, calm, understanding

Evil spirit

An evil spirit created by Wizard, who enjoys breaking things and sowing chaos. In the magical worlds, others try to avoid them but if an evil spirit starts wreaking havoc in a magical worlds, it can only be expelled through a magical duel.


Mean, gloating, evil


A magically empowered pet, who likes to encourage their owner. Lemi acts as the unofficial protector of the Pocket dimension, because their allergy of portals doesn’t allow them to travel outside of it. The inhabitants of the magical worlds visit them often, however, as they are good at teaching various skills and techniques.


Happy, encouraging, warm


The regal guardian creature of Crystal Cave. He takes care of all the strange creatures living in his magical world. His responsibilities include tending to the bodies of water in all magical worlds as well as growing new rune stone sprouts into full rune stones.


Brilliant, rigid


Troll is one of the Crystal Cave’s inhabitants, who has previously helped Cryssie with different tasks both in Crystal Cave and in the Cavity. Nowadays however, Troll has been noticed to be acting strangely and even teasing other inhabitants. No one has yet figured out what has got Troll behaving this way.


Now – Mean, teasing, short-tempered

Before – Helpful, happy


A creature species that lives in Crystal Cave. Hoots are alert and curious creatures and are responsible for mapping out, exploring and digging different tunnels within the caves. This can be dangerous work, so it’s good that the species has developed an echoing call that can be heard in all corners of the cave, which usually prompts Troll to come and find them if they are in trouble.


Alert, snappy, overreacting


A mysterious and scary person. Not much is known about him as no one has really seen him properly. Wizard is known to travel via his self-made portal network, trying to find like-minded individuals in the different magical worlds. Even the most courageous creatures won’t stick around when one of Wizard’s portals open up nearby. There is a rumour circulating the magical worlds that says if one is caught by Wizard, they will eventually be turned into one of those Evil spirits.


Mean, angry, ominous