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The game takes place in the school of Wizardria, and the player is enrolled there as a new student. At school, the player will meet other students and start to learn their stories. While conversing with their fellow students, the player will learn of the wizard games where students can compete in casting a grand spell – but only if the class has an especially good team spirit because a grand spell requires working together. However, as the school year begins, the students have different kinds of problems that require the player’s help. 


Robin acts as the student tutor and is in charge of orientation for new students. In class, Robin gets along with almost everyone and other students think of him as nice, cheery and honest. However, Robin can get embarrassed quickly which causes him to blush several times a day. Nevertheless, he has learned to make peace with it and other students don’t treat him any differently either. Robin enjoys being friendly to others and knows how to ask for help if he needs someone to fix a problem. 


Cheery, socially adept, gets embarrassed easily. 


Improve class spirit enough for everyone to get along and become friends. 


Her fellow students seem to think that she is the most skilled when it comes to casting spells. This, however, can sometimes lead to disappointment, if Ursula doesn’t manage to reach those as well as her own expectations which can cause her to self-isolate for a while. Ursula’s self-critique is treated with understanding by the other students and they often try to comfort her even if it might not work. Otherwise Ursula is thought of as a good student and her peers like her because she is always very helpful. 


Strong, self-critic, helpful.


Learn new spells and maybe even craft a spell of her own. 


Other students have noticed that most of the time Harold enjoys spending time by himself or maybe he doesn’t get along that well with others. What’s more is that Harold likes to tease others which has caused his peers to think that it might be due to Harold wanting to make some friends but for some reason isn’t either courageous or skilled enough to do so. On the rare days that Harold is more open than usually, other students do enjoy his company and he can get the whole class laughing with one of his jokes. 


Arrogant, determined, good student. 


Become the most powerful and cunning wizard in the class. 


Other students have learned that Bernhart looks after them and helps them more than he does himself. His peers think that it might be because Bernhart himself gives up easily if he isn’t able to succeed right away or if he feels like he’s been left behind, for example when learning new spells. Bernhart has been noticed getting frustrated in class and even with other students trying to soothe him he won’t calm down. Regardless, it has been noted that Bernhart will persistently try again and again, even though his attempts stay on the shorter side each time. 


Short-tempered, friendly, persistent. 


Be as good as, or even better than, other students in subjects at school. 


In class, Rose is seen as conscientious, sensitive and creative. She always has new ideas that she shares with the other students. She is also good at wizard skating which happens to be a sport her peers have never heard of, which often causes them to ask her to teach them. Other students have noticed that Rose can be very quiet during a certain teacher’s lessons and it has been discovered that Rose feels like the teacher doesn’t like her. This leads to anxiety during these lessons, but the other students try to help her participate. 


Creative, sensitive, good at wizard skating. 


Become the best wizard skater in Wizardria. 


Rollo is known to zone out during lessons and his peers think of him as a bit absent-minded. The other students have also noticed that Rollo’s attention is often captured by Rose both in and out of the classroom so they have concluded that Rollo might have a crush on Rose. These two, however, have not had a conversation yet due to Rollo’s anxiety, but the other students wait in excitement what will happen between them during the school year. If someone interrupts Rollo while his thoughts are somewhere else, he might snap back at them. Otherwise his peers think of him as considerate and helpful. 


Absent-minded, anxious, considerate. 


Overcome anxiety and talk to Rose. 


Tirlittan is thought of as a bit strange even though she is very friendly. Her peers have noticed that she always says she likes the same things as whoever she is currently talking to. Other students may not know what Tirlittan actually enjoys or what she is actually like. They have, however, noticed that friendship is very important to her, to the point of her trying to mimic others in pursuit of it. Her classmates try to assure Tirlittan that she can just be herself, but maybe even she doesn’t yet know what that might mean. 


Friendly, uncertain, mimicking 


Make friends with those that like the real Tirlittan.


What personality traits do you have? 

What are your goals in Wizardria?

What might the other students in Wizardria think of you?